Jesse Reece Bader is an award winning cinematographer and photographer. Born in St. Louis, MO, Jesse realized his love for filmmaking at a young age and quickly began creating home videos with his childhood friends. While his films started off as fun and games it didn’t take long before Jesse began dedicating himself to his craft.  He briefly attended St. Louis Community College-Meremac to study film, but the majority of his knowledge came from working in the field filming weddings and helping out on small independent film sets. This hands on approach is where Jesse developed a great deal of cinematic versatility and a keen sense for picking the right approach for the project at hand.


Though Jesse’s style is adaptive and ever evolving, one thing remains prominent in his mind: Story.  Whether it be an out of this world and fictitious piece, a down to earth passion project, or your once in a lifetime moment, it is Jesse’s sole purpose in film to find the story within and capture it.  


Jesse will tell you that making your way in this world is rarely easy.  In his case it is especially difficult being a filmmaker in St. Louis. However, that is what makes him so unique. The day to day challenges that his city presents him are met by his passion and drive to find beauty in every space.  Whether it be a jungle of red brick and cement or stars in the form of city lights that surround him, Jesse creates a vision and impresses his own signature.  He molds his surroundings as much as they mold him and he is always anxiously awaiting the next challenge or opportunity to collaborate with others.


In his own words: “Tell me about your next project.  Let me help you bring it to life”




2015 - Faultline Film Festival "Judges Award" - Cape Girardeau, MO


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